Some points to consider when choosing between Unibinder and XU Series


The main advantage that the Unibinder 8.1 and 8.2 have over the XU series machines is that you can keep less stock on hand as these machines will crimp the spine to the document size.
However, in my opinion, there are some differences and points to be noted.
1) The XU series is quicker and more convenient. Automatic binding of multiple documents is possible with only 3 seconds of  your  time per document. The Unibinder series however requires the operator to perform an additional task of crimping each document individually at the end of the heating cycle while the glue is still warm. See below video demonstrating binding 8 small documents on
XU 138 and Unibinder 8.2
2) The maximum binding capacity for small documents in the Unibinder 8.1 is 4 and the Unibinder 8.2 is 7. The XU138 binds 8, the XU238 binds 16 and the XU338 binds 24
3) The spine is physically deeper on the Unibinder covers resulting in more lost page margin.
4) The Unibinder crimping system is a device with gear wheels, an electric motor and electronic circuit. The plastic gears can break their teeth.
5) There is NO extra strength gained by crimping as the spine does not pressure the document but it does compact it enough to make editing difficult after crimping.
6) Compatible Steel Crystal and Steel Matt covers will always be available.
7) Steel crystal / Steel Matt compatible prices are on average approx. 20% less than the average Uniflex covers RRP
8) A manual Unicrimper can be purchased from Unibind head office for under $200. This can be used in conjunction with XU series binders to give same result as Unibinder series. Not sold in Australia.
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New technology is not always better than old technology.